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Translation: Finnish doctor with blatant lies about snus

Just a short piece from a Finnish doctor publicly spreading blatant lies about snus. Absolutely incredulous. A minor note, "tobacco" obviously means smoking cigarettes. Just a little more dishonesty there. EDIT: Also worth nothing that Yle is a national network, who gets their funding entirely from a mandatory "media-tax". It used to be a fee, where people voluntarily gave notice they own a tv set so they can pay the government for the pleasure. There was even an enforcement agency to check peoples' homes if they had TVs. One would imagine that resorting to this level of leaning on the public, the least they could do is NOT print lies.

Sports doctor astonished by athlete snus use – No better than tobacco

Finnish hockey doctors’ chairman Markku Arvela is astonished by the habit of finnish athletes to use snus. Snus does not affect the lungs like tobacco, but nicotine diminishes performance also while using snus.
(pic of a snus box)
Snus use is increased according the national health survey. Most snus use is among young men.

Chairman of the association of finnish hockey doctors and among other things, the doctor for the hockey team SaiPa Markku Arvela considers snus and tobacco to be equally bad options.

-          - A special characteristic here in Finland, is that minors and young athletes use snus. It’s often perceived as a better option than tobacco, but it is not.

Many snus users perceive snus as a healthier option, since it does not affect lung health like tobacco. However, a snus user may get more nicotine than a smoker. Nicotine in turn constricts blood vessels and muscles will not get oxygen and nutrients normally.

-          - Oxygen in the lungs is no use if the circulation does not deliver it to the muscles, summarizes Arvela

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