lauantai 18. kesäkuuta 2016

Just a random aside from Warsaw

Well, warsaw is kind of amazing. So glad I got to be here :)

Plenty of things to disseminate, new ideas and a lot of new energy to go with them. Been talking to a lot of people and it has helped me further some of my thoughts about addiction from especially a sociological standpoint.. Especially the lovely and brilliant Amelia Howard. Her presentation and just discussing all kinds of issues got me back to thinking of the underlying mechanisms.. And I really do believe there's a legitimate cases to be made on multiple fronts, ranging from the neurochemistry to the social to simple pleasure and evolutionary psychology sort of serving as groundwork.

Whether or not I'm actually capable of connecting those things remains to be seen, but I think I'm going to try. I think we need a much more comprehensive model of dependence, addiction and where we can draw lines between continuous use and pathological behaviour.

I think vaping not only improves the quality of life for a lot of people, maybe even saves them, but the phenomenon importantly has the potential to open up new lines of thought and understanding how people work.

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